Best car racing games for android

best car racing games for Android

Hello everyone, here we came up with the best car racing games for Android. This is for racers who can enjoy racing on their phone by controlling their favorite cars in high graphics. There are many gamers who just play first-person shooting games but for some freshness between their stress full games, they need some games which can give them just enjoyment so these are for them also they can enjoy these best car racing games for Android to release some stress. Let’s go through our list and give the best information about these games.

  • Asphalt Nitro
  • Real Racing 3
  • Asphalt 8 Airborne
  • Need for Speed No Limits
  • Asphalt Xtreme rally Racing
  • Forza Street
  • Asphalt 9 Legends
  • CarX Highway Racing
  • CSR Racing 2
  • CarX Drift Racing

1. Asphalt Nitro.

Asphalt nitro

The beast racing game to break the limits of speed and nitro on road and sky both. Get your beast car ready to take the victory around the globe in 8 different modes. Gear up in modes like drift and knockdown with the most luxurious cars in the world. Chase the police to the end and defeat all your friends using your beast car. You can be better than them by upgrading your car with some more power, speed and nitro. All this fun you can get on play store in just 35 MBs.

2. Real Racing 3.

real racing 3

The name suggests everything to be real in the game real players, real-life experiences of cars, and tracks to play. The great game released by Electronic Arts is ready to be run on your device with a rating of 4.3 on the play store. The game comes with over 300 cars in-game by the best car companies like Ferrari and Mercedes. The game gives you so many tournaments to play including the F1 racing ones also. The game is available on the play store for 44 MBs but you have to download the in-game data of almost 2.5 GBs to enjoy the game to the fullest.

3.Asphalt 8 Airborne.


The game released by Gameloft that comes with the most luxurious and futuristic cars and motorcycles. The multiplayer that gives you a new way to play with your friends on the tracks with cars or bikes both. As its name is Airborne so the tracks of game have got the ramps n all in between from which you can go to the air the do air-flips and 360s to get some extra rewards and to complete your Air missions. This is also available for free and size of the game is almost 2 GBs so you have to free up your storage up to 2.5 GBs to run the game smoothly.

4.Need for Speed: No Limits.

Another beast game by the Electronic Arts developers that comes only for mobiles. As the game name, you have to be very notorious in-game with no limits. Just go for your riders and bang on the streets and tracks flipping around there with your supercars like BMW and McLaren with the best upgrades. You can drive your cars throughout almost 1000 races and if you feel some low things with your cars just go for upgrading them with many different things to build the best one among all the combos. This single-player game has got a rating of 4.2 on the play store and is easily available there.

5.Asphalt Xtreme Rally Racing.

The game that comes with beast monster trucks and with no limits. You have to drive on the hills and dirt without any kind of tracks. There are 7 beast trucks in this game each one with different skill and you have to choose the best for you for which you are made. There are many maps available to drive along with the globe from which you can choose one. The game has also got multiplayer where you can challenge player around the globe and you friends to show them your custom-made truck that you can make by upgrading you monster with many features like engine and brakes.

6.Forza Street.

A great game developed by Microsoft Corporation which first came for PC and Xbox then after gaining much popularity it was launched for Android. The Game has the best graphics in its category. Just take your car and land on the track to win the race and collect all the great muscle and supercars in the game and make your own garage. You can upgrade your collected cars to the best and can show them as your trophies. This single-player game gives you chance to play many tournaments which are consist of one-minute races. The game is available on the play store for free with a rating of 4.2 with a 1.9 GB game size.

7.Asphalt 9 Legends.

The best and updated game of racing series of Gameloft SE is here. This game has got many features from big to small every feature is great which makes it more loving. Choose your car from the best supercars in the world of brands like BMW and McLaren. You can do many things with your cars like 360s and flips. The career mode gives you chance to collect the cards of your favorite cars to buy them and add them to your garage and the online multiplayer mode gives you chance to play online with your friends and collect extra rewards.

8.CarX Highway Racing .

This is for those who like racing games but can’t go for big games. It has so many things to discover like highways. You have to escape the police which is just behind you to catch you up. The game comes with more salient features like a great number of cars, various game modes, different missions and environment which changes between day and night. The game gives you many modes to play like time attack where you have to complete the race in time and the other one is a police mode where you will be chased by the Police on the highways with the great cars so have to be faster and great with your car to not get caught by them.

9.CSR Racing 2.

This game is setting a new limit for the Racing games as it comes with new techniques of rendering the Graphics in 3D view. The game has got 200+ cars from the best manufactures in the world you can get over them by buying them in-game and upgrading them to the next level. You can customize the car of your choice you can almost everything in a car like rims, tires and breaks, and many more. AR mode is the best thing about this game and it’s the only racing game that comes with AR mode where you can take a great look at your cars and show off them to your friends.

10.CarX Drift Racing.

The best Drifting game is here where you can surely learn tandem drifting. This game has a unique gameplay mode where you have to race twice in the first time you have to race as a winner or leader then you have to be the follower the second time, following yourself. The game comes with great customization for your cars but also you can tune your cars by setting the spring, suspension and air pressure of tires of your choice which you think can help you in winning the races and drifting for a long time.

This was our list of best racing games for Android if you are a fan of racing games then you can surely try some of these to enjoy them yourself. If you think we should add some more games if you want to give some more suggestions to us or the other readers please comment down your suggestions or if you are any issues then also you can comment down and let us know.

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