Best games like PUBG for android.

As we all know the Indian government has taken a decision of ban on Chinese apps including PUBG Mobile. As PUBG had a great audience in India so the mobile gamers are now looking for a replacement of PUBG Mobile which can provide them the gameplay like PUBG. So, to help the gamers out there we have created a list of games that can be played after the PUBG ban.

  • Call of duty: Mobile
  • Gerena Free fire
  • Shadowgun Legends
  • Fortnite
  • Pixel’s unknown battleground
  • Hopeless land: Fight for survival
  • Battlelands Royale
  • Scarfall: The Royal combat
  • Black Survival
  • Infinity Ops

1. Call of duty: Mobile.

COD Mobile logo pubg alternative

It is a game with weapons where you have to survive till last to get the victory. It is the latest game in this field with great graphics. It has a zombie mode also which allows you to fight with zombies and fire on them without any break, this mode was added later in Nov 2019. It has a similar classic mode as PUBG with 100 people but it has more other modes which are better as compared to PUBG. This game was the biggest release in the field of multiplayer games in 2019. It had almost 150 million downloads in its first month after the launch. This can be the best replacement for PUBG in India. Not only the gamers but also for eSports players this is best because it has many eSports career in upcoming time.

2. Free fire.

Free fire logo

It is also a game where you have to fight with other players but no of enemies is less than PUBG. It is a light game that you can play on any midrange device. It can be run on any high end or low-end device with the same fluency. People with low-end devices prefer this game. It has only two maps for classic mode. In this game, you have to fight only 59 other players to get the win in your hand. It has many modes to play where you can have fun with friends. It is less time taking, it takes only 10 minutes for a classic game to get completed.

3. Fortnite.

Fortnite official logo

Fortnite is also a battle royal game with many extra features as compared to Pubg. The graphics of the game are loved by the users and so are it’s events. It has also got a special feature of creating your own cover to protect yourself from enemies. As a battle royal game, it has also got the same game modes like classic where you have to fight against the other 99 players to get the win. Fortnite has no eSports in the present time in India but they can have in the near future as it’s demand will increase after the PUBG ban.

4. Shadowgun Legends.

shadowgun leagends another alternative for pubg

This game is a first-person shooter type of game that can be played in either story mode or in multiplayer mode. The does not provide the gameplay style like PUBG but it has amazing graphics that attract a big user base. The multiplayer mode can be played in different forms like 1v1 or 4v4 or you can play with your team against the AI bots. As the game is not so loved by gamers so it has no eSports line in India.

5. Pixel's unknown battleground.

Pixel's unknown battleground

As the name gives a hint about the game that it has got everything in 3D pixels so it has got them. This game has everything in 3D blocks. Guns, buildings, and every other thing is made of 3D pixels. It can give you glimpses of Minecraft but it is a battle royal game with the same concept as PUBG.

6. Hopeless land: Fight for survival.

Hopeless land: Fight for survival

The game is based on the same concept of battle royal but it has low graphics quality and fewer modes. The thing which makes it different from others is that you have to fight with 121 other players to win, unlike other games that usually have 100 players in total.
The increase in players makes it harder to remain alive.

7. Battlelands Royal.

Battlelands Royal

If you were not a hardcore gamer you were playing PUBG just for fun then this game can be the best replacement for you. It gives you a battle royal game but with a cartoonish finish. The characters of the game are cartoons. As a fun game, it not takes you much time and ends a game in 3-5 minutes. You can play it solo or you can team up with only one friend because it does not have any squad mode.

8. Scarfall: The Royal combat.

Scarfall: The Royal combat

This can be a replacement for PUBG as it is a battle royal game with a shrinking safe zone and the last survivor as the winner. The game provides an offline mode also.

9. Black Survival.

Black Survival

Black survival is a battle royal game but with a different type of gameplay where you can collect different types of things to make your weapons and tools. There are only 10 players who get into a match and fight with each other to get the victory title.

10. Infinity Ops.

Infinity Ops

This is also a first-person shooter game that has a word of future. The game has many kinds of weapons and features. It has many characters with different superpowers which gives you a fantastic experience. This game gives many types of modes like Team deathmatch, deathmatch, and hardcore mode.

So here is our list of all the best replacement for PUBG mobile in India. If you have any suggestions or queries then please let us know in the comments.
Thank you.

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