Top 10 best high graphic games for android under 500MB.

Best games under 500 mb

Gaming is one of the top growing industry in the world. If you are looking for the most popular best high graphic games for android under 500MB , then you can surely consider our handpicked list for the same. I may assure you that you all are going to love, if you have picked one from our list. We made this list because there are several games under 500MB you can get in play store and some of them are really interesting and some of them are boring too . So to save your data and time as well we have made a list foe the same. 

  • Shadow fight 3
  • Cover Fire
  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  • Devil Hunter
  • Dead trigger 2
  • WCC 2
  • CarX Highway Racing
  • Drift Max Pro
  • Dead Target
  • COC

1. Shadow Fight 3

Shadow fight 3

This game is a 2D game where you to equip your character with weapons and armor to fight with enemies.
You have to go around its map to find your ultimate enemy. Find out the different ways of attacking and combine them to make your unique style of attacking. Get the best weapon for your character to fight with the boss. It comes of only 111mb which is not a big number but this game has big things to do.

2. Cover Fire

cover fire

Cover Fire is an offline game for those who like gun fights. Players always be leaders in this game and they have to lead their team to fight against enemies. Game has many situations to play like the helicopter shoot and shoot from the train. Cover Fire brings many modes with it. Its, sniper elite mode is set for all kind of snipers who want a good sniper game. It is a first person perspective game with good graphics. Basically, it is a game for those who do not have a good internet connection to play multiplayer games.

3. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

This game was loved by all when it was a PC game so its team decided to launch a mobile version. The game is same as in PC. Here players have to create their home, village in virtual reality as in PC. It has a multiplayer game where you can interact with your friends who have same edition inside the game.

4. Devil Hunter

Devil hunter

This game was released on 30 Mar 2020. It is a game with characters. Players have to choose a character for fighting the enemies and to win the game. This game comes with two modes that are PVE and PVP. The PVE mode is a story mode basically and the PVP mode is 1v1 game mode. In PVE mode the story began with some low level enemies and ends with the fight between bosses or the kings.

5. Dead Trigger 2

Dead trigger 2

If you love to play horror games then this game is really meant for you. This game is an FPP game with zombies. It is not a multiplayer game as this is a story mode game in which players have to choose maps and complete the missions to get some gold in the game to upgrade the weapons and armor of the character. Game gives you weapons like rifles, pistols, shot-guns, etc. Every level is somehow same as to defend the doors and kill the certain no of zombies.

6. WCC 2


If you are a cricket lover then this game is for you. This game is best in its area that is cricket. It comes under 500mb which is so amusing because of its graphics, visuals and the no of modes it has. WCC lite is a lighter version of this game. In this game you can create and manage your team and you can take part in tournaments around the world. This game comes with a wide range of teams (international and domestic), stadiums, tournaments. You can play this game against AI or your friends in multiplayer mode.

7. CarX Highway Racing

carx highway racing logo

This is for those who like racing games but can not go for big games. This game gives you those experiences under 500mb. It has so many thigs to discover like highways. You have to escape the police which is just behind you to catch you up. Game comes with more salient features like great no of cars, various game modes, different missions and environment which changes between day and night. You have to be very fast to cross the line first to win the game.

8. Drift Max Pro

drift max pro

This is also for the racers. It is a 3D racing game. You have to cross the line first but with that you need to drift your car to get better points. This game comes with wide range of maps or say situations like city, airports etc. It allows you to choose different cars. You can upgrade your car to perform well. It has so good graphics that you can pass hours and hours in this game without getting bored. You can choose the tilt option or the button option as you want in your phone in this game.

9. Dead Target

Dead target

This game is also all about zombies. It is a futuristic game in which it is shown that in 2040 a zombie apocalypse will start in which you have to fight with zombies to save the world from them. Game gives you 3D guns which can be used to kill all the zombies around you. You can choose your favorite gun to fight with zombies. You can upgrade these guns to fight with upper level zombies. This game is an offline game so can fight with zombies anytime you want.

10. COC


COC is loved by millions of people worldwide. Earlier, this game was only available for iOS but later it was launched for android also. Game is all about making your own village and an army to protect your village from others who can attack on you and can take your resources. It takes time to build troops or other things in the game so it not for those people who want immediate results. Players need to have patience for this game. You can attack the players of same levels as your to win trophies, because the game decides the rank of players by the no of trophies.

So, here is the end of  our list of top 10 best high graphic games for android, I hope you tested some of games from our list and enjoyed playing it too. If you want some more games that can be added in the list so please let me know in the comment section. I hope we met your desire, we also have the list of  best online multiplayer games for android with downloading link you can also checkout that. 

Thank You.

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