Best Online Multiplayer Games for Android with a free downloading link.

Best multiplayer games for android


Gaming on Android devices is getting  rapidly increasing day by day. Also, there are several multiplayer games you can get in play store and some of them are really interesting and some of them are boring too . So to save your data and time as well we have made a list of top and best multiplayer games that you can get on google play store for free. We have also provided some details about that games to make it more efficient for you.

So, here are our picks for free and best online multiplayer games for Android :-

  1. PUBG
  2. Free Fire
  3. COD: Mobile
  4. Mobile Legends:Bang Bang
  5. Mini Militia
  6. COC (Clash of clans)
  7. Clash Royal
  8. Arena of Valor
  9.  Ball Pool
  10. Modern Combat 5

1.PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile logo

Players unknown battleground aka PUBG is best online multiplayer game. You have to fight with other 99 players to win the game in classic mode. It gives you some more modes to play but people often go with them. It is a big game that is not suitable for low end devices, only high end devices can run this game fluently. You have to land on an island with other 99 players and you have to search weapons to fight with them and win the game. It has great graphics and visuals. It has 4 maps currently for playing classic mode. It a is a time taking game it takes 30 mins to complete a classic mode match. It gives you opportunities to play competitive games where people play for money and their country.

2.Free Fire

Garena Free Fire

It was launched on 4 Dec. 2018 officially for android and ios. It is also a game where you have to fight with other players but the no of enemies is less than PUBG. It is a light game which you can play on any midrange device. It can be run on any high end or low end device with same fluency. People with low end devices prefer this game. It has only two maps for classic mode. In this game you to fight only 59 other players to get the win in your hand. It has many modes to play where you can have fun with friends. It is less time taking, it takes only 10 minutes for a classic game to get completed. It has many modes to play where you can have fun with friends.

3.COD: Mobile

COD Mobile

It was officially launched on 1 Oct 2019 for android and iOS. It is also a game with weapons where you have to survive till last to get the victory. It is the latest game in this field with great graphics. It has a zombie mode also which allows you to fight with zombies and fire on them without any break, this mode was added later in Nov 2019. It has similar classic mode as PUBG with 100 people but it has more other modes which are better as compared to PUBG. This game was the biggest release in the field of multiplayer games in 2019. It had almost 150 million downloads in its first month after the launch.


4.Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile legends logo

It was launched in 2016. It got success in only south Asia at that time but it has affected people around whole world. It had its first esports competition in 2019 which made it more popular. It is a 5v5 multiplayer game where you have some characters whom you can take and fight with their skills. The characters have different skills and powers which makes the game more attractive. It also gives many other modes to play and it also has a 100 people mode somehow similar to PUBG where you can team up and

mobile legends bang bang

5.Mini Militia

Mini Militia

It is a game with guns but with less activities than any other battle royal game. You can play this game for some enjoyment with your friends. It can be played with friends by making rooms and in classic mode you can not team up with your friends. You have to make two or more teams in room to play against your friends. It can be played using wi-fi mode with your family or room members. It just gives a plateform to learn about a multiplayer battleground game.

mini-militia-pro gameplay

6.COC (Clash of clans)


It was launched first for iOS on Aug 2, 2012 then later it was launched for android users on Oct 7, 2013. It is a game of strategies which you make to deploy your troops. It is a game by supercell where you can make your own village with troops and you can attack others villages with your troops and win trophies. You can do friendly fight with your friends. It is not a game for people who like weapons because it is a game where you can not control troops but you can deploy them where you want them to attack.


7.Clash Royale


This game was released on march 2, 2016. It is also a game based on strategies. It is also a supercell community game. It comes with less troops here you have to collect cards for the troops. You can play a 2v2 match by teaming up with your friend or a 1v1 friendly match against your friend. You have to destroy enemies king tower and save yours to win the game and trophies. In this game you are ranked as per no of trophies you have. The level 13 is the highest level in this game. The game is based on exilr you can have only 10 exilr at a time. The different card have different value of exilr.


8.Arena of Valor

Arena of valoufffr

Arena of Valor is a game by tencent which is a 5v5 game like MLBB. It also has characters which can be selected as per players choice and they have different skills which allow the players to use their mind and paly for victory against their enemies. In this game victory gives you gold coin which can be used for purchasing heroes. Players who play rank mode have to fight with the players of their rank or skills like them.
It has a 3v3 mode also which uses a small map and ends quickly without taking too much of time.

8 ball pool (2)

9. 8 Ball Pool

It is a simple game of pool which can be played online with friends. In this game you have to play with cue as you play in real life but it helps you in playing by allowing you to see the deflected way of shots. You have to get the balls in the holes of the board and the last ball should be black one. If black ball goes before any other ball then it is counted as a foul. The player will take chance until a foul is not committed or the white ball not goes vacant without hitting the ball into the hole.

10.Modern Combat 5

Modern combet 5

It was launched in 2014 by Gameloft. It is a first person shooting game where you can team up with your friends and fight with others to win the game. It has a private chat option where you can chat with your squad members for making stratigies against enemies. It has total 9 maps where you can play with your squad and win the game. You can choose a soldier class ranging in assault, sniper, recon, sapper etc. this game currently has 7 modes to play. It has a battle royal mode which came in after update 27 and is in beta mode.

Modern combet 5


So, here is the end of  our list of free and best online multiplayer games for Android, I hope you tested some of games from our list and enjoyed playing it too. If you want some more games that can be added in the list so please let me know in the comment section. I hope we met your desire, we also have the list of best high graphic games for android under 500MB you can also checkout that. 

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