Best games for Android TV without gamepad.


Hello, pals so continuing in gaming category articles we are here with a new one that is neither for PC nor for Smartphones this time we came up with TV games that can be played without using any kind of gamepads. As we know Android TVs are coming with great features and software these days so we can play games on them too which is a good thing for entertainment. So here is our list of best games for android TV without a gamepad.

  • Table Top Racing
  • God of light
  • Pac-Man
  • Minion Rush: Despicable me
  • Shine runner
  • Orbia
  • Badland
  • Into the death
  • Beach buggy racing
  • Rally Fury

1.Table Top Racing.

The best racing game one can get for Android TV is here. The combat racing game with a lot of cars with amusing maps and with the best graphics.

In-game players have to win the race with their car and weapons which can be upgraded with game money. the game comes with 7 different modes like drift, elimination, combat race, and many more. The game has 8 different maps available which can be reversed as per the player’s choice. There are 4 in-game championships available in which you can compete for the leader-board top rankings. The game is available on the play store with a rating of 4.4.  

2.God of Light.

God of Light the game of lights is a puzzle game and its somehow easy but it has many different things to do. The gameplay is all about finding different objects which can reflect and scatter the lights to make them go all around the map so you can be called god of lights. The game has graphics as well as an electronic music playing in the background which gives you a great experience of the game so when you play this game you should have your TV speakers on full volume to enjoy the game to the fullest. This game has a rating of 4.5 on play store and you can download the game from there easily


A puzzle game which everyone played at once. So that game is also available for android TV now. You can just download the game from play store and enjoy the game as you have done on your phone. The gameplay is simple as you have to save your Pac-Man from enemies and get all the dots to you for that you get three lives and if you clear a level then other comes to you which is more-tougher than earlier one.

4.Minion Rush: Despicable me.

As the game name suggest there are Minions are in this game and who don’t love Minions. As the movie series of Minions was so loved by audience so the same happened with this game.

In game the player plays as a minion on a track where they have to avoid the obstacles to keep your way on track that is non ending. There are many character and costumes available in this game which players can collect by completing missions or by purchasing them by money or by playing in event time.

The game has those colourful graphics that are loved by everyone around the globe. You can just download it by play store on Android TV and play With your TV remote very easily.

5.Shine Runner.

The best boat racing game ever made for android is now available for the android TV which can be played just by the TV remote.

The game is all about winning races using boat with great physics usage. There are many obstacles in game from which you have to be safe and some are of those which you have just smash for fun. The game also allows players to smuggle illegal things to the riches from which they can earn a great sum of money.

Though the game is available only in 23 MB but it has very high graphics such as great surroundings and high detailed boats.


A game of puzzle category which can be played by anyone in anytime. The gameplay is just bout clicking on the screen to make your character move through the line made by itself and player have to click on the right time to avoid the obstacles and clear the level.

The game has hundreds of levels and many different worlds where you can play with your character. There are many characters available in the game who9 have different styles and every character has unique style from which you can use favourite one. The game has great sounds and background music which make it more attractive. This game has got a rating of 4.6 on play store which shows how cool this game is.


The action-adventure game with a new and epic idea. The game is all about flying in a forest which looks like normal but it has some secrets hidden in there so player has to fly over to find out them. This game features local multiplayer where 4 different players can play on the same device to compete with each other. If we talk about single player mode then this game has some 100+ levels which are to be increased with new updates in future. The game has great graphics and best sound tracks in the background which make it more attractive and addictive to the players. Badland won the Game of the Year award in 2020.

8.Into the dead.

Into the dead the best zombie survival game ever made is now available for Android TV that too can be played by TV remote only.

The gameplay is all about surviving in between zombies which are there to kill you. The game gives players a lot of weapons which they can use to kill zombies and the weapons also can be upgraded to next levels to kill zombies faster. There are many missions to complete to get on next level of game. You can challenge your friends also in this game. Developers used best sounds as in a zombie should be.

Because of those so many features game has got the rating of 4.6 on play store.

9.Beach Buggy Racing.

The action packed off- road driving game is here with the amazing cars and 15 different tracks to drive on. Players have to race against great rivals with amazing skills and car abilities. You can also upgrade your car with many abilities to get win against your rivals.

This game comes with split screen multiplayer where you can play with your 4 friends on your Android TV but if you want to use this feature then you have to do some in app purchase.

10.Rally Fury.

The extreme racing game with drifts and boost is now available for your Android TV without any gamepad.

The gameplay is all about driving your cars through the exciting maps while drifting on corners and jumping through the ramps to win the race. The game allows single player or multiplayer both modes. In single player mode you have to win the race against AI bots whereas in multiplayer mode you can challenge your friends to race against you. In game there is a number of car and every has its own different feature and you can upgrade your cars to the max speed. Player can also customize their car colours, spoilers and many other things.

These were some best games for Android TV that can be played without game pad. I hope you tested some of games from our list and enjoyed playing it too. If you want some more games that can be added in the list or any queries so please let me know in the comment section. I hope we met your desire, we also have the list of best offline games for android under 100Mb you can also checkout that.

Thank you for reading.

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