Top 10 best high graphic games for android under 100MB.

best offline games under 100 mb

Hello pals, here are we with our new article about the games which come with less space usage but with great graphics. We came up with this idea for the people who love to play high graphic and good games but whose device is able to run games that take more space and demands a great processor. So here is our list of the best high graphics games for android under 100 Mb.

  • Traffic Rider
  • Among Us
  • Street Racing 3D
  • Ninja Fighting Spree
  • Stumble guys
  • Shadow Fighter
  • Dead Target: Zombie
  • Nova Legacy
  • Beat Racer
  • Beach Buggy Racing

1. Traffic Rider .

As the name suggest of the game that it will be some kind of driving in traffic so it is but let us tell you full details of this game like the game has no connection with cars it has bikes and scooters to drive and there are many of those available in the game shop which you can buy and drive. The game comes with many maps and day night modes which gives you more fun in playing.

The best thing is that it comes under 100mb category with those great graphics and game experiences. If you are a bike lover you are definitely going to love this game and you can get addicted to it.

2. Among Us.

The game which came into trend after so long and got love from everyone from around the globe. The game is about teamwork and some memory.

Gameplay is so simple but interesting you just have to find the imposters who are hidden in between the other players and if you are the imposter then you have to kill the other players and create a sabotage situation for the players to win the game. Game is available in just 100mb which is a great thing although the graphics are not so high but they are good so you can enjoy in less data usage. Let us give you a tip about the game if you are playing it with your friends, you can gain some trust issues so be careful.

3.Street Racing 3D.

This game is also for car lovers and for those who love racing. The is so same as its name like it has got street themed maps where you can race with the 30+ cars which are available in the game which can be bought through the game money. Gameplay is available in two modes those are career and PVP mode. In career mode you can continue your races to gain new stages and cars. The PVP mode gives you chance to play with your friends where you can show your stuff and skills and defeat them in playing.

Game is available in just 100mbs with great graphics and experiences and that too with a PVP mode so what more can you expect in just 100mbs.

4.Ninja Fighting Spree.

It is an adventures and action killing game where you have to fight against your enemy assassins. The game allows player to do some great movements to kill assassins. Basically, the gameplay is a story mode where the player becomes a Ninja who has to take fight and same the villagers from the assassins along with his Ninja brothers. You get HD graphics to play along with great weapons and special powers which you can use while fighting with your enemies.

5.Stumble guys.

If you are gamer then you have heard of a game called fall guys which was loved by all but was only available for pc. But mobile players also loved this game so Kitka games launched this game for android and ios which was so needed and also got love and attraction from everyone.

The game is available in just 60mbs with great graphics and great game experiences. The gameplay is just same as fall guys like there are stages to clear and be safe from disqualification. There are 32 players in a game from which there can be only one winner you have to clear 3 stages in total to win the game.

6.Shadow Fighter.

Shadow fighter is the best roleplaying offline game which got so much attraction is recent time. It is a series like game where you have to fight many zombies and monsters with your hero. There are three modes of the game which are normal, hard, extremely hard.

The gameplay is about clearing levels and getting into fight with new monsters where you can use any of the hero. There are total of 5 heroes available in the shop who gets upgraded with every level you clear.

7.Dead Target: Zombie.

Dead target is offline adventures game of 2021 which comes with high graphics and great game experiences. Game is based on zombie theme as its name gives some glimpse of it.

Gameplay is about a zombie apocalypse which began in year 2040, you are the hunter who remained safe but now zombies are attacking you so you have to fight them with great 3D weapons available in the shop. There are so many weapons available in the shop which can be upgraded and you can use great skins which are so attractive by looks in this game. You can join the battle pass of the game to get more skins. But remember one thing that this is a offline game.

8.Nova Legacy.

Here is the best compact shooter game Nova legacy which is based on the first episode of N.O.V.A. In game players go as hero named Kal Wardin a veteran NOVA hero who get helped by her assistant Yelena. The game comes with many exciting modes and features with 3D guns and attractive skins.

The game comes with both offline and online mode. Offline mode you can play anytime anywhere and the online mode gives you many modes like Deathmatch and TDM mode where you get into online matchmaking with other players from the globe to compete with other players and guess what its just available in 50mbs and has got 4+ ratings on playstore.

9.Beat Racer.

Beat racer is the game with beats where you have to drive your car on a track collecting those beats which gives you some special beat music in the background. The game comes with great graphics and is very easy to play.

Gameplay is all about driving car in 3D designed background and clearing all the obstacles to get new stages. As the name is beat racer so there is always an electronic music playing on background for which the developers suggest to play with full volume with headphones on.

10.Beach Buggy Racing.

The action packed off- road driving game is here with the amazing cars and 15 different tracks to drive on. Players have to race against great rivals with amazing skills and car abilities. You can also upgrade your car with many abilities to get win against your rivals.

This game comes with split screen multiplayer where you can play with your 4 friends for which you have to connect to a TV with your phone or tablet but if you want to use this feature then you have to do some in app purchase.

These were some games that we choose for this category. These are the games which can run on any smartphone with the ram of 2GB only. We work on these type of blogs so if you are interested in then check our other blogs also. If you have any queries or suggestions please let us know through your comments.  I hope we met your desire, we also have the list of  best online multiplayer games for android with downloading link you can also checkout that. 

Thank you for reading.

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