Web 3.0- The Next generation internet is here.

Web 3.0- The Next generation internet is here featured

Over the last few decades, the World Wide Web has evolved in many ways, introducing new tools and strategies and making the internet more intelligent than ever. From its early days, it has transformed from a static repository of information to a global platform that allows interactions and service and so, has a profound impact on how people are interacting and communicating with each other. Ask any tech enthusiast and they will say that the web is entering its third phase. 

Web 3.0 is going to provide us with a more customized browsing experience. It will analyze users’ data and behavior to give more personalized and relevant results for your searches. For your business, it will provide a platform for you where you can showcase your products or services, without any third-party invasion. Think of a shopkeeper, selling your favorite chocolates in the metaverse using NFTs.

To understand how these features will affect our everyday life, let’s now dive into Web 3.0.

Web 3.0- What’s that?

To put it simply, Web 3.0 is the next major era of computing, IT where machine learning and AI will read data like humans. The technology of blockchain, big data, and machine learning has provided a decentralized semantic web structure to it to provide a personalized browsing experience to the user. Users can now communicate with each other through a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) which is a community member-owned entity.

So, now if you are a tech podcaster, you can have your private record platform and your listeners can have access to your podcasts without any third-party involvement, due to its decentralized structure.

Experts say that the new version of the internet will provide a rapid and intuitive web experience to the user. So, in the era of Web 3.0, a phrase like “Show me all the food items of all the restaurants in my locality” will show you the desired result.

 Web 3.0 will have all the best parts of the previous generations, like the community governance of Web 1.0 and the high-engagement and interactive structure of Web 2.0.

How is it different from former Web versions?

This new version of the internet is slightly different from its predecessors. Some properties make it different from the former web versions.

Decentralized: Unlike the prior versions of the web, the governance and authorization follow a distributive approach, without a single central authority. To enable the creation of decentralized applications, Web 3.0 is also dependent on the blockchain. Besides this, blockchain also allows an immutable ledger of transactions to provide verified authenticity to the decentralized virtual world of Web 3.0.

Semantic Web: It is one of the key elements of Web 3.0. It allows you to create and share your content via search and with the help of AI; it understands the meaning of the word, rather than considering the keywords only. So, if you are searching for the beetle, the car and you browsed “beetle”, you will get information about the insect. But the upcoming version of the internet will check your browsing history and provide information about the car beetle.

3D graphics: 3D graphics will be used in the websites and services within Web 3.0allowing a better user experience.

Artificial intelligence: AI is an integral part of this internet version. The idea of using AI aims to provide faster and more relevant information to the user. A website AI will try to understand users’ needs and provide more relevant data. Social bookmarking is more effective than google in terms of search engines. AI in Web 3.0 is used to separate the relevant data from the falsified ones.

How it's going to affect your life?

The main aim of this version is to provide a personalized browsing experience for you. Due to its semantic web architecture, the websites will customize themselves to fit our choices and needs. Moreover, it will allow you to speak in natural languages without caring for the keywords. Therefore, the learning curve will be almost non-existent. In terms of business, they will have a more natural approach to search engine optimization rather than using the keyword strategy. The multifaceted structure of web 3.0 will be far more than a mere website. So, if you are searching for a Google location in the web 3.0 era, you will get hotel recommendations and traffic updates along with basic route guidance which is impossible in the era of web 2.0.


The new age of the internet, Web 3.0 is coming faster than you can even think. Where IoT is creating a digitally centric society for us, Web 3.0 is eliminating complexities from the internet, making it easily accessible to the user. The technologies have expanded the bandwidth of services and content and opened a virtual platform, accessible to everyone. Now, we are in the beginner phase of web 3.0, but if you have used a natural language to read this article, you have experienced the next chapter of WWW’s history.

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