How to create a YouTube channel and earn money in 2020.

How to create a YouTube channel and earn money.

In this article, we are going to tell you that how you can create a YouTube channel and all possible ways to earn money through your channel. YouTube is a platform that allows everyone to make a channel for free that’s why it is very popular among the young generation. Making a YouTube channel is not a very tough task but running that channel in a good way to make money is very hard nowadays because of some policies of YouTube. Everyone knows that YouTube gives a big amount of money but how you can take advantage of  YouTube to earn money or how you can extract money from YouTube? is still a question so, we are here to tell you about that.

YouTube channel creation is not so hard to work as it seems but when you are going to make a channel you have to choose the field/niche on which you are going to work.

Now the question comes, how to choose the niche/field?

The answer is simple, you have to choose what you can do passionately or in which niche you have expertise. Choosing a evergreen field is necessary as per of the new policies of YouTube. Earlier it was not necessary to stick to only one field/niche but now it is not like that.

There are many niche/fields on YouTube like tech, vlogging, fitness, gaming and many more which we will not discuss here. In these days most of the people are choosing either gaming or vlogging.

Now, let’s talk about how to create a YouTube channel?

To create a YouTube channel you just need to have a google account that you can create very easily. Then you just have to go on YouTube and log in with the google account. The YouTube gives your channel as you will log in.

The channel is ready to post videos but you have to verify your channel to upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes for that verification you have to go on there you have to choose your country and enter your phone number to get verified. This verification allows you to access more features on YouTube.

Now the channel is ready but to get in reach of your channel to other people you have to do some works on your channel.

You have to add channel keywords which will make your channel discoverable among many channels. Your keywords should be related to your work non other than that. You have to focus on your work and add related keywords. You have to add a great description of your channel which can attract your visitors to go through the whole channel. This is the S.E.O(Search Engine Optimization) part we will cover in our next post so stay tuned. 

We have to give our channel a better look for which we have to add the icon of our channel. The icon can be something interesting related to the channel. A cover photo can also be added to add the details like other social media handles in that or you can give your business mail account therefrom which people can contact you about business inquiries.

Now, as we have the visitors so we have to add something about our channel which can tell visitors about our channel that can be an introduction video which should have a great impact on our channel on them.

If you have a team to work on the channel then you can add a description of your team through the video and can add their social media handles through which visitors can directly contact them if they want.

Now the channel is ready for uploading videos, the next question is How to earn money through YouTube channel?

So, ways to earn money by using the YouTube channel are:

  1. Getting monetized by YouTube or adding advertisements to your videos.
  2. Getting sponsored by a brand.
  3. By doing any promotion of app or site.

Let’s talk about them in detail one by one.

How to get monetized by youtube?

How to get monetized by youtube

Getting monetized by YouTube is not an easy thing. There are many policies of YouTube that you have to fallow strictly. There are some restrictions applied by YouTube you have to work without breaking them. You need to complete 4000 hours of watch time by your viewers after that you can apply for the monetization. As I earlier said that monetization is not an easy thing so if you got monetized then remember YouTube demonetize any of your videos which is not under the policies. So, if you don’t want any kind of problem with your monetization never violate the policies of YouTube. The Youtubers who live stream games or anything else they get an extra option of super chat from which they get money but YouTube takes some share of their super chats. The live streamers to get rid of this thing they started giving their Paytm and Gpay numbers on which viewers can directly transfer money without any deduction. So if you are thinking to be a gamer so you can also try this. You can read full YouTube monetization policies.

Getting sponsored by a brand

There are many brands that are proceeding towards online business they contact the YouTubers for promoting their products in their video. As Youtubers have a huge number of followers or viewers so they are good at influencing people about the products. There are many products like fitness products or beauty product or technical products which can be easily promoted through YouTube. In these kinds of promotions, Youtubers have to tell people about the product and give the link to purchase the products from that link. This way of earning is best as brands give a big amount of money for promotions. But before doing any kind of promotion Youtubers have to check the product details because they have very much impact on people. So, if they will promote a bad product then it will have a negative effect on their channel and on the lives of their viewers.

There is one more type of sponsorship which added in past months that sponsorship is can be done by type of viewer. There comes a join button with the subscribe button on your channel which also a source of money for Youtubers.

By doing promotion of an app or site:

This way of earning through videos is best and easiest because, in this way you have to do nothing, you just have to tell about the app and its working. There are many apps like the ones who give money to users by using them. Almost every app like that does their promotion through youtube so there are so many chances of getting those apps to promote through your videos. There are some sites also who do their promotion through youtube so they are also giving money to YouTubers. 

After telling you about the topic of earning money through youtube there are some tips for you which can help you in running your channel smoothly:

  •  Always try to be very kind to your viewers because they are the most important people in a YouTubers life.
  • Never try to steal any other YouTubers video this can harm your channel so badly.
  • Use non-copyright songs for your video’s background music to avoid copyright strikes.
  • Be regular in uploading videos because you can get subscriptions easily but to hold them to your channel is very tough nowadays.


So, we have completely told you about the YouTube channel and how to make it and earn money. If you still have any problem or queries about this article then us about that in the comment box we will try to help you out. If you are interested in online earning then you can refer top ways to make money online without investment.

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