Introduction to Python.

When the word Python comes in mind then we usually think about the big reptile, Well if you are interested in programming languages or you are a computer science student so it’s time to change the thinking because now you’ ll get introduced to a new programming language named ‘Python‘. Python programming language was developed by Guido Van Rossum in February 1991.

It is influenced by two programming languages:-

  • Modula-3
  • ABC language

Python is compact and very easy to use. It is an object-oriented programming language and has very easy syntax rules and thus very programming friendly.

So we will be providing all the information related Python. If you fallow our series then, I may assure you that you will have full knowledge about python that starts from Installation till you are fluent in writing codes and make successful software using this programming language.

All this will be provided free of cost and  you will also get video demonstrations also if necessary. Video demonstrations will be  uploaded in our official Youtube channel P.K Technical Hacks.

Armstrong number python program


Hey internet mates here we are going to make a python program to search for the armstrong numbers from a given list of three digit numbers. What are armstrong numbers? The numbers which get itself on adding each of it’s digit when digit is raised to the number of digits in that number. Output.

Sample code Expressions, Statements, Comments, Function, and indentation

Basics of Python programming: Expressions, Statements, Comments, Function, and indentation.

In this session we will talk about basic structure of Python program like:- Expressions Statements Comments Function Blocks and indentation We have already covered fundamentals of python in which we have covered Tokens: Keywords, Identifiers, Operators, Literals, Punctuators so you can also checkout that. Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table …

Basics of Python programming: Expressions, Statements, Comments, Function, and indentation. Read More »

Python Fundamentals: Tokens

Python Fundamentals: Tokens.

In this article we have discussed all about tokens in Python i.e. Keywords, Identifiers, Operators, Literals, Punctuators and its subtopics i.e. Arithmetic Operators, Shift Operators, Bitwise operators, Identity Operators, Relational Operators, Logical Operators, Membership Operators, Assignment Operators, String literals, Numeric literals, Boolean literals, Special literal(None) and many more.

Python introduction and overview.

Python: Basics & Overview

Full explanation about python basics like Introduction of python, facts about python, history of python, characteristics and features of python and usage of python.